How God gave us a church!

How would you like someone to just give you a house with no mortgage?
That’s what one congregation did for God and us!

Here's the story as told by Pastor Paul!

I had been doing "leg work" a year before the actual planting of our church in Franklinton.  That means that I was  out making relationships with people in the area we were to be a part of. Gladden Community House. Tommy’s Dinner, and the Franklinton Administirial Association were my three big ways to make relationships (Tommy’s was always my favorite!).

I met many people during that first year that helped build our church.
We then "opened for business" on June 7th, 2008 by meeting in Avondale United Methodist on Saturdays at 6pm. 

Our little church was doing well.  We began to see God work in all of our people.

In February of 2009 I heard God say that we were supposed to begin to pray for a building of our own!

“God are you sure?  We aren't even a year old yet.  This isn’t in my two year plan.”
But it was in God’s.  Five days after announcing to the church to begin praying for a building I received a call from a friend and mentor of mine, Pastor Ed Hughes. 

Ed was the pastor over at Chicago Ave. Christian Church.  I had known him from my beginnings in Franklinton.  So it wasn't unusual for him to call me and want to meet me for lunch.  Little did I know what he had in mind.

Ed and I were in the middle of eating lunch at Bob Evan's when he pulled out a small folder.  I just figured that he had something that he wanted to share with me that I could read.  Instead, Ed told me that he could no longer keep his secret to himself.  His church wanted to deed their building over to our church!

That’s crazy!  Those things don’t happen, especially with churches! But it was true.  Ed was retiring and the congregation could not afford to call another pastor.  Instead of trying to sell the building and then having to give the money away, Ed and the congregation felt it was more of a "God thing" to give it to another church that was young and growing.

On July 5, 2009 we had our first service in our new building that God gave us.  God is so good!

We now continue to grow and serve the Lord in Franklinton.